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"Follow the Money, Seize the Money and Secure the Money."

           Methods of Locating and Seizing Hidden Assets 

Stockton University – Center for Public Safety and Security

Course Date and Time
Course has been rescheduled for Fall 2022 (Date TBD)
Stockton University
Galloway, New Jersey 08205
Cost: $189.00 per person
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Detailed preliminary discussion will center on the types of fraud, methods utilized to move currency and basic investigative measures to assist in identifying the flow of money and assets.

Specific focus will be on the investigative measures for both narcotics and financial crimes cases detailing how to build a financial profile of your target(s) along with identifying assets of the individuals and organization. We will focus on forfeiture of assets/seizures of properties and bank accounts; various investigative databases designed to identify fraudulent activity, proactive and reactive investigative measures and the steps used to strengthen court testimony.

Officers will be presented with multiple financial crimes and money laundering case studies that will allow them to analyze the cases and determine the charges to file along with the investigative methods to obtain probable cause for arrest and asset forfeiture