Financial Crimes Training for Law Enforcement

ecb4803f05b725e6c2385eadb2b9315eAccording to the 2014 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) reports that schemes that were first detected by notification from law enforcement caused the highest median loss at $1,250,000 and had a median duration of 30 months.

Framework Financial, LLC has both the investigative and prosecutorial experience in handling all types of white-collar crime investigations. Our experience and knowledge of how criminals orchestrate, both basic and complex, fraudulent schemes provides us with the ability to develop courses and present them to law enforcement that can be utilized for a majority of criminal investigations. We offer various courses ranging from introducing an officer to the basic steps in conducting a financial crimes investigation to providing the tools to locate assets and illegal proceeds in any type of investigation. Our goal is to provide courses that will give any officer the ability to investigate and successfully present a financial crimes investigation to a jury.